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At home in Pudasjärvi

In Pudasjärvi, the main quality of life is comfort. From the house a pleasant view opens up, for example, on the shore of a lake or on a peaceful nature, in such a house you will always find a calm and measured life. In Pudasjärvi there are enough offers of housing from environmentally friendly timber.

City in the countryside

Pudasjärvi combines rural and urban half. Life here is calm and safe, surrounded by pure nature. In the vicinity you can always find a versatile service and modern comfort.

Free time

In Pudasjärvi you can find quite a few ways to spend your free time. Zumba, golf, water aerobics, yoga, horseback riding, flying gliders, and you can also discover your acting skills in the theater ... this list is endless!

Active society

In Pudasjärvi, social activity is a very important element. In the countryside, happy and rich life. Good neighbors, new friends and a pleasant time together.

Youth is the future

After graduating from high school in Pudasjärvi, young people can continue their studies here, in the gymnasium or in vocational education schools.

pudasjarvi  Lapland - The North of Finland